Western Digital Enters Pakistani Market

Western Digital Enters Pakistani Market

Western Digital announced the launch of its products in Pakistan and that its entry into the Pakistani market. In the current phase of digital growth in Pakistan, this is great news. However, the company faces many challenges due to rampant piracy and copyright violations throughout the channels.

The Western Digital Corporation is a global leader in data infrastructure. The company revealed on Wednesday that all of the variety of its data storage devices will be made available in Pakistan via authorized networks and not through traders.

Khwaja Saifuddin, Senior Sales Director of Western Digital for the Middle East and Pakistan addressed at the launch and said that data storage role and importance have been increased because of growing digitization. Also mentioned the company’s reservations regarding piracy and copyright issues and that there are many regulatory requirements that need to be looked into by authorities.

“All data from personal financial accounts to family pictures etc is going digital and this need is more serious for the corporate sector as the banks have all details of their clients and money in digital data,” he said. “Pakistan should have comprehensive laws related to data protection,” reported Dawn.

He further shared his disappointment on weak piracy and copyright laws and its poor implementations, due to which the sale of fake devices is being done on a large scale in Pakistan. He said this market needs to end from all channels starting from imports first.

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Western Digital considers Pakistan a huge market for the concerned sector but if it will bring manufacturing to Pakistan or not will be decided later, Saifuddin stated.