2.2 Million Complaints Resolved Through Pakistan Citizen Portal

2.2 Million Complaints Resolved Through Pakistan Citizen Portal

ISLAMABAD Sep 9, 2020 (PID): A total of 2.2 million public complaints have been resolved through Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP). Out of which 1.4 million public feedbacks have been received in favor or against the decisions Government authorities.

According to desk analysis of PMDU, 0.574 (40%) million feedback has been positive and deemed to be satisfied either on receiving actual relief or with the response.

Analytically, country-wide public satisfaction is stagnant at 40% for the last 12 months while organization-wise variations are observed.

The negative feedbacks and stagnant position of public satisfaction have led PMDU to reopen 160,661 resolved/closed complaints on the directions of the Prime Minister for review and disposal on merit.

After reopening of complaints by the PM's orders and a subsequent review by the concerned Government authorities, 7,234 complaints received positive feedback after being reviewed and handled amicably.

Adhering to the above, the Prime Minister has directed that all Ministers/Divisions, heads of their attached Organizations/concerned officers and Provincial Chief Secretaries and IGs shall conduct a regular monthly review on the status of public complaints' handling as per the manner prescribed in the User's Guidelines Manual.

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All feedback received on each Pakistan Citizen Portal- dashboard shall be reviewed. Complaints with negative feedbacks shall be re-examined in the light of counter arguments given by the citizen and be resolved on merit.

 In the case of positive feedbacks. Apart from the regular monthly review, a one-time exercise shall be conducted on feedbacks received against all closed complaints with effect from January 2020.

The exercise shall be completed within 60 days and a compliance certificate is to be submitted.

PMDU has also been directed to convene briefing sessions for focal persons of the Ministries/Divisions/Attached Departments and Provincial Governments on the modalities of monthly reviews and handling of public feedbacks.