A UK Firm Will Pay You £24,000 to Stay in Bed For All Day.

A UK Firm Will Pay You  £24,000 to Stay in Bed For All Day.

If laying in a bed and watching Netflix is your hobby then there is good news for you. A UK Firm Bespoke mattress is looking for a "Netflix and nap fanatic" to join their team as a professional mattress tester. And this is paid position.

Bespoke luxury bed firm Crafted Beds is currently accepting applications for a Mattress Tester. The selected candidates will earn a handsome amount of money to stay in a bed. The firm is offering all UK residents to avail this opportunity and get £24,000 per year for watching Netflix in bed all day.

The Company said, "To ensure we’re providing our customers with only the best beds that will give them an excellent quality look and sleep, we’re hiring a mattress tester to join our team." 

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According to the spokesman, a firm created a new position to ensure customers are getting the highest quality nighttime.

Whoever gets the job will be happy to know that there are a few other duties. Workers will spend 37.5 hours each week deciding how comfortable each mattress is.

And the most exciting part is that this position is fully remote. The mattress will be shipped to the tester's home each week. So there is no need to visit an office.