Are You Suffering From Overthinking?

Are You Suffering From Overthinking?

Did you ever know how many hours you are thinking about something?
If someone asks you what are you thinking and most of the time said “nothing”.You never consider how much time you spend thinking. 

Overthinking is a common problem 4 out of 10 people are suffering from it. If overthinking is not treated properly on time it can lead to many problems like analysis paralysis, stress, sleep disruption, and even harmful for mental health. 

When I sleep too much, I can say, “I’m oversleeping. I should reduce sleep time.” When I work too much, I can say, “I’m exhausted. I need to stop working and have some rest.” Similarly, when I think too much, it’s not easy to admit that “I’m overthinking.” I need something different to clear my mind.

Most of the people among us don’t consider overthinking as a problem. When someone passed their judgment on overthinking, we often take it for granted that the problem is dwelling upon or escalating through negative thoughts. We assume that positive thoughts are good for the brain. But in actual it's incorrect to assume all positive thoughts are good.

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What most self-help advice says is to crumb the negative thoughts and increase on the positive thoughts. At first glance, this seems like a good piece of advice. But the truth is that excess of everything is bad, when you overuse your brain, for thoughts either positive or negative, your brain gets clogged just like a drain. Overthinking is a curse and in results you will get Foggy thoughts, it leads to bad decision- making and harmful for health.