Blast in Iraq's Market: 28 Dead, Dozens Injured

Blast in Iraq's Market: 28 Dead, Dozens Injured

In an explosion, at least 28 people died, and dozens were injured on Monday in a crowded market in Sadr City, a neighbourhood of Baghdad, according to police and hospital sources.

As per the state news agency, an explosive device had been exploded.

The causalities also included women and children and over 50 people were injured, and some shops had burnt down, stated a police source. However, nobody has claimed the responsibility so far.

According to hospital sources, the death toll could increase a few of the injured were in critical condition.

An investigation had been launched as stated by Iraq's Security Media Cell.

In recent months, this was for the third time that an explosion has struck Sadr, the last one in June injuring 11 people.

Another incident was a suicide attack claimed by Daesh fighters in January which killed at least 32 people in a Baghdad market.

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Large bomb attacks were once a daily occurrence almost in Baghdad (Iraq’s capital). These have come to a halt in recent years as Daesh fighters were defeated in 2017, which resulted in an overall security improvement that has brought normal life back to Baghdad.