China Takes TikTok & WeChat Bans By US To WTO

China Takes TikTok & WeChat Bans By US To WTO

At world trade organization’s meeting, China stated that the restriction on Chinese mobile applications like TikTok and WeChat imposed by the United States of America are in direct violations of the rules of this body.

The Trump administration ordered a download block on TikTok and WeChat, also commanded the ByteDance the parent company of TikTok to sell the application’s operations in the states to US companies oracle and Walmart, the reason being national security concerns.  Although the US judges have raised questions on Trump's government orders.

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 A Chinese representation to the WTO said this in a meeting behind closed doors that “the measures are clearly inconsistent with WTO rules, restrict cross-border trading services and violate the basic principles and objectives of the multilateral trading system,” a trade official told Reuters

The trade official proclaimed that the Chinese delegate called it a clear abuse of rules of WTO, as the US fails to provide any substantial evidence to back their reasons.

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The US was also participating in the meeting and defended by saying that these steps were required to mitigate national security threats.

President Trump has previously alleged that the applications are being used by the Chinese government to access US citizens’ data.