Coca-Cola World’s Top Plastic Polluter For The Third Year

Coca-Cola World’s Top Plastic Polluter For The Third Year

Coca-Cola is ranked as the largest plastic polluter in the world now for three years in a row. Nestle and PepsiCo are in second and third positions respectively.

According to a Coca-Cola spokesman, they are trying for a recycling procedure so that they can get bottles back by 2030. In this way, it will not be able to contaminate oceans and environments or become part of the garbage. The plastic of the bottles can be reused into new bottles.

The Coca-Cola brand was ranked first with a score of 13,834 pieces of plastic, PepsiCo brand on 5,155, and Nestlé brand was on 8,633.

According to the annual audit by 15,000 volunteers across the world, the highest number of plastic products are from international brands and are found in the majority of the world countries. 346,94 items of plastic were collected, and a brand name was mentioned on 63% of them.

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola was held responsible by environmental promoters when it said that they can’t stop the use of plastic bottles which are although a hazard to the environment but are liked by many customers.

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Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle, and Unilever were held accountable for half a million tons of plastic pollution in six developing countries each year, in a survey by NGO.