Eidul Azha SOPs: Animal Sellers Should Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Eidul Azha SOPs: Animal Sellers Should Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19

The health ministry issued COVID-19 procedures for Eidul Azha On Tuesday, to prevent the spread of the virus during the holy festival.The coronavirus vaccination is mandatory for all sellers and vendors at cattle markets this year by the government.

“These guidelines recommend procedures for ensuring sustained and uninterrupted prayers on Eidul Azha with minimizing the risk of getting and transmitting infections.”

SOPs for Eid-ul-Azha:

  • Preference of buying animals online
  • Setting up of cattle markets in open spaces preferably outside the city
  • Proper sanitization outside markets
  • Social distancing and masks
  • Temperature checking at entries
  • Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for animal sellers
  • A minimum of two meters distance between animal stalls
  • No physical contact of any kind including shaking of hands
  • To wear gloves before touching animals (for buyers and sellers)
  • Not allowing people with coronavirus symptoms inside the markets

SOPs for Eid-ul-Azha prayers:

  • Ablution at home
  • Separate entrance and exit outside mosques
  • Temperature checking of worshippers before entering the mosque
  • The social distancing of a minimum of three feet during prayers
  • Worshippers to bring prayer mats from home
  • No carpets inside mosques
  • Mosques to be emptied 10 minutes after prayer ends (to prevent socializing)
  • Windows and doors of the mosques to remain open for ventilation
  • Elderly, sick, and children below 15 won’t be allowed inside mosques
  • No physical contact (hugging or shaking of hands)

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It is recommended that people should avoid shopping and attend gatherings.  Crowding in markets should be avoided essentially, as per the guidelines.