FC Soldier Sentenced to Death In Hayat Baloch Murder Case

FC Soldier Sentenced to Death In Hayat Baloch Murder Case

The Frontier Corps (FC) soldier was sentenced to death in the Hayat Baloch murder case on Wednesday by the Turbat’s District Court.

Judge Rafiq Langove made the judgment after the case was heard in the presence of the criminal. 

The FC soldier had killed the student of Karachi University Hayat Mirza Baloch in August last year. The student was in Turbat city because of the break due to the pandemic situation in the country.

The deceased was working in the date orchard with his parents on 13th august 2020, while the sepoy of the frontier corps shot him down. He received eight bullets in his body and was instantly dead.

As per the reports, on the same day, the FC vehicle faced an explosion in which three corpsmen were injured and after that, a search operation was launched in the Turbat area to locate the culprits.

During this search operation, FC Soldier Shadiullah caught the student Hayat Mirza Baloch. He tied his hands around the back and killed him in front of his parents.

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Parents of the deceased student recognized the murderer in a parade. The soldier also admitted his crime in the interrogation of Hayat Baloch murder case and recorded his statement under Section 64.