Google's New Look To Speak App Is Revolutionary

Google's New Look To Speak App Is Revolutionary

Tech giant Google's most recent experiment is ‘Look to Speak’ which is an application that can be used through your eyes.

Search Engine Google is always working on innovative projects and ideas but this time it is a life-changing experiment. Look to speak app will significantly improve the lives of people with motor and speech impairments.

In the app you are given a list of phrases, with your eyes and the front camera of your smartphone, you can select one of the phrases by looking right or left. You can also lookup to cancel and go back.

Other than that the sensitivity of eye movement can also be adjusted to avoid selecting phrases or other things by accident.

You can also prevent the app to read your eye movement for as long as you desire or put it on snooze by looking up.

Google has cleared that it is only meant to make it quicker to send messages through small devices like smartphones and not to replace communication devices made for people with motor or speech impairments.

The search engine giant also said that all data stored on the app ‘Look to speak’ will stay private and won’t be extracted from the devices which makes it safe to use.

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The application is available to be downloaded on the Play Store of all smartphone devices that are Android 9 or above.