Microsoft Working To Take Xbox Games Directly To TVs

Microsoft Working To Take Xbox Games Directly To TVs

The US-based technology giant ‘Microsoft’ stated on Thursday that it is working on software to allow people to play Xbox video games directly on internet-linked televisions without requiring the consoles.

The news emerged as Microsoft along with other video game industry prepare to display coming titles at an annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) being conducted virtually owing to the pandemic commencing Saturday.

As a company, Microsoft is global on gaming,” stated chief executive Satya Nadella in announcing the plan. “Three billion consumers want gaming for multiple factors including entertainment, creation, community, and  a real sense of achievement, and we aim to empower each of them, wherever they want.”

Microsoft’s Xbox unit has been gaining fame over ‘Luna’ by Amazon and ‘Stadia cloud gaming services’ by Google.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox team is working in collaboration with TV makers to embed software by which video games that are typically enjoyed on its consoles will be played directly from the cloud, needing only hand-held controllers.

Microsoft also announced that it is working on devices that will be plugged into any TV screen or computer monitor to stream Xbox gameplay without the help of consoles.

As per Microsoft, cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions will be possible in the coming weeks through internet browsers Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

“Although there is still and will be a place for consoles and PCs and frankly,  but the cloud will allow a robust gaming experience to anyone connected to the internet,” stated Xbox unit head Phil Spencer.

As per the figures released by Nadella. Xbox Game Pass had around 18 million subscribers worldwide till the end of 2020.

Playing video games has surged during the pandemic, as being indoor let people turned towards the internet for entertainment more than ever.

In the United States, overall customer spending on video gaming is around $15 billion in the first quarter of 2021, which is 30 percent more from the same period in 2020, as per the industry tracker NPD Group.

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On Sunday, Microsoft will conduct an Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, to feature games from its studios across the world.