KPK Is Considering Bench For Kalash Marriage Act

KPK Is Considering Bench For Kalash Marriage Act

The KPK government is set a bench for Kalash Marriage Act it will make sure that all the marriages and divorces across the valley are being documented.

In Kalash valley, the marriages are based on verbal promises, have no documentation and proof of marriages. This takes away the security of women and their claims regarding a marriage or separation are worthless without documentation to prove it.

Though the KPK government has not disclosed any date of execution when the bill will be presented for a vote in the assembly, it is expected to present it by January 2021. And the valley has welcomed the move.

A tribal woman Hazrat Gul, explained that men and women announce their marriages before the community after which families start the traditional celebrations. She further said that all post-wedding conditions are held in the presence of elders of the tribe, but all conditions are verbal. Marriages are neither registered nor documented in Kalash Valley.

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While the people of Kalasha used to believe in “miyan bivi raazi to kya karega qazi”, but this method disadvantages women in the long run. If the bill is passed by the assembly, it will act as a family law that will secure the rights of women in Kalash.”

people of Kalash Valley are known for their unique traditions and style of living. It is the smallest minority ethnic group of Pakistan consists of only 4000 people.