Over 30,000 Sindh Schools Do Not Have Electricity

Over 30,000 Sindh Schools Do Not Have Electricity

 More than 30,000 government schools are deprived of electricity in Sindh, the Reform and Support of the Sindh Education and Literacy Department has disclosed in a report.

The report, Profiting for Government Schools, depicted data from 2018-19 and has been released after a delay of two years. As per the report, more than 4.5 million children are registered in the province's schools.

According to the report, 133,000 instructors have been appointed for 49,103 schools. Only 36,659 schools are functional out of these 49,103. There is no drinking water provision in 26,260 schools, whereas 19,469 is not having a washrooms' facility.

Additionally, more than 21,00 schools do not have boundary walls, while over 47,000 schools lack lab facilities, and almost 36,000 are without playgrounds. Even, a chunk of schools, more than 47,000, does not has a library facility.

According to the statistics provided by the report, 2,812,000 male and 1,749,140 female students were enrolled in the schools.

Almost 2,91,9862 students are registered in primary, 185,047 in middle and 140,032 in elementary. While 918,706 in secondary and 397,493 are enrolled in higher secondary schools.

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For the time being, out of the total 49,103 school buildings in the province, 14,998 are considered in suitable condition, 8,426 are below satisfactory, while 14,977 need maintenance.