Popularity Of Ertugrul Series In India

Popularity Of Ertugrul Series In India

The popularity of the Ertugrul series in India is increasing day by day exponentially this year, mostly among the Indian-Muslim community, who are dealing with an increasingly aggressive environment in the country in the past few years.

The searches for Turkish serial Ertugrul Ghazi has been increasing day by day, it has broken all the previous records and placed in the Guianese book of records as well. Turkish serial exceeded in the YouTube searches in India and beaten up many superstars such as King Khan, Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachan.

Riyaad Minty, the director of the serial Ertugral Ghazi, shared the statistics of search results of YouTube in India which showed the series Ertugral Ghazi is beaten up Bollywood’s superstar “Sharukh Khan” in India.

The viewers of Ertugral appreciated the exceptional success of this series in India.
The Muslims of India attracted to the story because it illustrates their incessant effort to live peacefully in the country along with the continuous attack on their religious freedom, life, and property from extremists and racist.

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The power and courage portrayed by the characters of Ertugrul in the face of bias and unfair treatment by enemies encouraged the Indian audience. The show has achieved similar milestones around the globe as well.

The show’s popularity in India has annoyed the supporter of ruling parties who had blamed Indian Muslims for forsaking their ‘Hindu Heritage’ and looking to Turks and Arab to address their identity crisis. The show was watched in Jammu & Kashmir with equal enthusiasm during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the political commentators, the Turk series gives relevant lessons to the struggling people of Jammu Kashmir.