Projects Launched To Promote Tourism In Coastal Areas Of Balochistan

Projects Launched To Promote Tourism In Coastal Areas Of Balochistan

In order to promote tourism in coastal areas of Balochistan, the provincial government has launched seven projects which are under progress.

These projects are meant to attract tourist as well as potential investors for coastal areas in Bangladesh.

Provincial government held a meeting on Thursday where the discussion was done to promote tourism, culture, heritage, and development schemes started in tourist sites in the Balochistan.

Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani presided over this meeting held on Thursday. Ministers and advisors of related fields also were in attendance.

At the meeting, the attendees were informed of the master plan to promote culture and tourism in coastal areas of Balochistan. It was announced that eco-tourism resorts are in progress at seven tourist locations.

In the briefing, it was shared that feasibility and construction cost of cultural complexes at various areas in Balochistan will be Rs50 million.

“Model beach parks will be established at Gadani, Kund Malir, Ormara, Pasni and Gwadar to provide maximum facilities to tourists,” the tourism secretary said as quoted by Dawn, He further added that plans for Ziarat and Shaban valleys are also in progress.

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Chief Minister pointed out the need for protection of archaeological sites in the province as well.