Samina Baig ready to conquer K2

Samina Baig ready to conquer K2

Samina Baig, Pakistan's famous high-altitude mountaineer, is aiming to be the first-ever Pakistani and Muslim woman to conquer K2.

“We’re in Skardu right now,” she told on Friday. “Our mission will begin tomorrow.”

Her team includes her along with five high-level guides.

Samina belongs to Gilgit-Baltistan and is the first Pakistani woman to have conquered Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. She achieved this victory in 2013 when she was only 21 years old.

“Each mountain has different challenges, but for me, every mountain is special,” Samina stated.

When questioned regarding fear after what happened to Muhammad Ali Sadpara, she said that as victory and defeat are part of other sports, mountaineering is also about life and death.

“Sadpara was among the most amazing climbers in Pakistan and also a great human being,” she recalled. 

According to Samina, the Mount Denali climb in Alaska is her most challenging climb so far as she had no support and had to carry 30kg to 35kg on her own as well. She had to stay in her camp for three days and remained disconnected from her family.

Samina shared several challenges that one has to face with mountaineering including mental and physical stress, freezing sleepless nights, and insufficient food. Temperatures may fall to -30°C and -40°C even in June and July.

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“In life, nothing is impossible,” Samina stated for young, aspiring women. “The only thing which one needs is to believe in oneself and much effort to achieve one’s dreams.”