Latest Coat Trend In Pakistan To Follow This Winter

Latest Coat Trend In Pakistan To Follow This Winter
The fallen leaves and cool breeze have started giving the winter feels. This demands winter clothes to perform a dual function. One to keep the person warm and second to give a pretty chic and trendy look. Here are five coat ideas that will perform both roles for you.
Trench coat:

A trench coat has a firm position in winter fashion. It originated from Britain, it has the ability to get style with every kind of dress. It is popular in Pakistan as well as other South Asian countries. It is light in weight, providing the required warmth with a trendy look. A trench coat is for sure the safest option in winter fashion to stand out in style and feel safe from harsh weather at the same time.
Cape coat:

Cape coat the fashion legacy of the medieval period. Capes have gained enormous popularity in Pakistan's winter fashion over the past few years. Wearing a cape feels like wearing a warm blanket. The difference is it looks much trendier and more stylish. So, this winter style a cape with your kurta suit or even with jeans top and feel warm and pretty.
Car coat:

Irrespective of its name car coat is more worn on streets, picnics, and much more. Its coverage is the specialty that makes it the best fit for Pakistani women in winter. Its sleek boxy design and slightly above the knee length adds to not only style but also to warmth, comfort, and coverage everyone looks for. So, a car coat is a must-have for someone with the slightest of dressers.
Wrap and belted coat:

If you want a coat that covers the front as well for extra warmth, then a wrap and belted coat is your option. These coats have extra material that allows the closure of the coat and not make it look bad. Even they are closed their belt option makes the one wearing look smart and fit. You can style these with sneakers, coat shoes, or even heels to complete your look.

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Belted blazer:

If you don’t prefer the long coats even the knee length and are tired of jackets, then the belted coats are your option. Wear these with your kurta and pants or with jeans and tights and feel warm and chic at the same time.