Samsung Shipped Less Than 300 Million Sets First Time In 9 Years

Samsung Shipped Less Than 300 Million Sets First Time In 9 Years

The South Korean tech giant Samsung facing setbacks like many other companies and industries due to pandemics. The company has set to shipped less than 300 million Samsung mobile devices in 2020 least in the last 9 years.

The company reportedly shipped 270 million devices which are 30 million less than the standard 300 million. However, the company is planning to neutralize the numbers by selling 307 million mobile devices in the coming year 2021. Out of these 307 million sales, 287 million will be smartphone devices while the rest will be other featured phones.

The south Korean ET News reported that the company aims to achieve a 14% increase in sales for the year 2021.

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The other plans include an increase in the number of 5G compatible devices and fully utilize the opportunities appearing after the ban of the competitive brand Huawei in the US and other international markets.

As per the reports from insiders of Samsung the company plans to produce jDms with 5G companies and an estimated 48.7 million flagship mobile phones including the foldable and Galaxy S21 range.