Self Healing Technology To Self Repair Phone Screen Cracks

Self Healing Technology To Self Repair Phone Screen Cracks

South Korean researchers have come up with a technology that enables smartphones to repair their crack screens within 20 minutes. The technology is named ‘self-healing’ technology.

The screens of expensive mobile phones cracking and their repairing is a pain for all the smartphone users. To address this problem the south Korean researchers have innovated a technology that claims to repair the cracks on the screen within 20 minutes.

The researchers have combined the linseed oil with the plastic of the screen of the phone. Whenever the crack appears the oil is released and binds the cracks within 20 minutes.

The new technology was revealed in research published in the Journal of composite part B of engineering. The research was held under the supervision of Dr. Yong-Chae Jung.

The researchers claim that technology can repair about 95% of all the screen cracks that the phone experiences.

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The research also explains in detail the process of making the self-healing material that is the polymer Bilayer film (PBF) along with its great effectiveness.

However, the research has only tested the material and technology in the Lab settings, but they are confident that it can easily be used for the public mobiles as well. If this happens it would be very exciting and helpful for the tech companies and users.