TikTok Removing 104 Million Users From The App

TikTok Removing 104 Million Users From The App

The world-known short video app TikTok app owned by the company ByteDance has removed 104 million users from the app. This has been done because these users have violated the terms of service provided by the app.

 “Of those videos, we found and removed 96.4% of videos before a user reported them, and 90.3% were removed before they received any views,” TikTok revealed in a report.

The process of content verification was started by TikTok in the first half of the year regarding the information about the Covid-19 and elections.

It is important to mention here that China’s ByteDance had been under the radar for criticism to a point that the US has decided to block new downloads and updates of the app.  

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US had concerns over the data of 100 million Americans that is being possessed by the China’s Communist Party government.