Urdu Voice-Pack Of PUBG Is Released

Urdu Voice-Pack Of PUBG Is Released

An Urdu voice-pack of Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG) for the community in Pakistan has been released.
To obtain this new feature in their games, the players of PUBG have to visit the shop.

Considering the huge fan following of PUBG in Pakistan, the gaming company is always introducing exciting and thrilling features for players to keep their interest intact in PUBG game. In August 2020, for Pakistani players, PUBG hosted a special Independence Day event, as a token of appreciation for the extreme support and love earned from Pakistani players.

Also, PUBG Mobile had launched a dedicated discord server for Pakistan in July to bring together all of the scattered players across different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter among others.

Moreover, PUBG Mobile is also launching a PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge 2020, for which the gaming company has announced a winning prize amount of 1 crore Rs.

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The registration process for this challenge has been ended on the 15th of November. There was an eligibility criterion to register for this competition, the player should be a resident of Pakistan and the player is above level 20. By using a PUBG Mobile account the registration has been done through the website.

Each team consists of 4 registered players participating in this challenge. Each team has to play 15 matches for 7 days. Out of these 15 matches, 10 best ones will be considered in calculating the ranking of teams. The amount will be distributed accordingly to the rank of the squad.