A New Planet “Perwana” Discovered Revolving Around Its Star “Shamma”

A New Planet “Perwana” Discovered Revolving Around Its Star “Shamma”

A new planet has been discovered orbiting around a star about 180 light-years from Earth. We don’t know if there are inhabitants on this planet. Now, this planet is recognized as “Perwana” and its parent star is known as “Shamma”.

The reason for naming this planet and its parent star is recognizing their eternal relationship with each other. This eternal relationship has been highlighted by many other poets like Allama Iqbal.

International Astronomical Union (IAU) which mostly names the astronomical bodies was formed in 1919 and turned 100 last year. In order to celebrate these 100 years, they gave all countries a chance to name the planet and its parent star.

Countries have come up with different names for this newly discovered planet. For example, Iran named them Kaveh and Kavian, Sri Lanka named them Sāmaya and Samagiya.

Pakistan honored the Urdu literature poets by naming the star ‘Shama’ and planet ‘Perwana’.

These names were suggested by representatives of the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO). There were 60 great proposals sent for the name. In the end, names suggested by Ahmed Noor-e-Alam and Wajeeha Shakeel were picked.

The previous catalog name for the star was HD99109b. It cannot be seen through the naked eye. It takes 493 days to complete its orbit around its star unlike Earth which takes 365 days.

However, the Perwana will not have the same fate as the real one since it will keep on orbiting even when the Shama, its star flame is gone.

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