British Airways Staff Left Nadia Jamil In Tears

British Airways Staff Left Nadia Jamil In Tears

Nadia Jamil, who announced a few days back that she has successfully beaten cancer, broke down at Heathrow Airport (one of the major international airports in London, England) after the British Airways staff abandoned her.

“It takes a lot to drain the positivity out of me,” the actor wrote on Twitter, sharing a video of herself from London. “British Airways, I’ve never been so humiliated, scared, and helpless in my life.”

Twitter video

According to Nadia, the staff left her asleep at Terminal 5. She thought how they could expect her to move with her three suitcases back to Cambridge, even knowing that she was in an immovable wheelchair. Nadia stated that she had asked for help in response to a follower’s question.

“Exhausted, alone, I had told the staff about my health,” Nadia said. “Why would they leave me like this?”

Nadia asked for help continuously but was constantly ignored, she further said. She was eventually given rescue by her aunt, who tried to picture the staff’s irresponsibility. But they took her phone and imposed the deletion of videos on her.

Nadia has gained huge support from her followers, who are showing unity by sharing posts on the actor’s timeline.

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell is also famous for her highly publicized dispute with British Airways. One of her bags had been misplaced at Terminal 5, after which she mistreated the cabin crew. Naomi was not regretful about it, calling the airline “disgusting”. She is prohibited from flying with British Airways.