Ali Zafar Offers To Pay For Travel Expenses Of Meesha Shafi

Ali Zafar Offers To Pay For Travel Expenses Of Meesha Shafi

Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar has offered to bear all of the travel expenses for Meesha Shafi from Canada to Pakistan to appear in the sessions court Lahore. Meesha Shafi didn’t appear in front of the court for the defamation suit against her.

 Meesha Shafi has been in the news ever since she blamed Ali Zafar of ‘sexual harassment.’ Many people praised her for speaking out and not frightened of the consequences. Conversely, the fans and followers of Ali Zafar showed full trust in the singer and claimed all of the allegations put by Meesha are bogus.

Meesha organized a movement known as #MeToo many people admired her for raising her voice against the singer. However, despite her claims, she has missed multiple court dates regarding the ‘sexual harassment case’ between both singers.

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In revenge, Ali Zafar filed a case of a defamation suit against Meesha Shafi, and for encouraging a fake movement against the newly appointed ambassador for Pakistan’s first knowledge city. People are divided in their opinion of who is right and who is wrong.

In the last hearing, Saqib Jillani the counsel of Meesha told the court that his client is available for cross-examination via video call on Zoom App. However, the lawyer of Ali Zafar, Umer Tariq Gill, disagreed with the idea and said no evidence can be recorded through video call without complying with the requirements put forth by the apex courts.

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Umer Tariq Gill further said that his client is willing to pay for Meesha Shafi’s travel expenses, in the hopes that she physically appears in front of the court.

Muhammad Yasar Hayat postponed the hearing for 14th November 2020, he requested lawyer of Meesha to have present in court. He also ordered the defendant to produce her witnesses as evidence for the upcoming hearing.