Does anyone want Marie Antoinette and Duchess of Windsor's jewels?

Does anyone want Marie Antoinette and Duchess of Windsor's jewels?

Diamond jewels by two queens of history would be on auction in Geneva next week.

The famous Queen Marie Antoinette was slain during the Fench revolution by the hungry people of Paris but her legacy of jewelry is still left behind. A double-string diamond bracelet in a velvet blue box would be available at an auction for jewelry lovers to splurge on. The bracelet has 112 diamonds on it.

Her bracelets which have been the property of the Europen royal family until now would be available for $2-4 million at 9th November’s auction in Geneva.

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Max Fawcett, head of Christie’s jewelry department in Geneva said,

“To find jewels with over 200 years of French royal history is truly something that collectors and passionate jewelry people from all over the world will be keeping an eye on.”

“How much is someone willing to pay for something from the last queen of France? We have seen the results before of things sold by Marie Antoinette, that there is really no limit to how high these can go and I’m expecting fireworks on Tuesday.”

During her imprisonment after the death of her king, queen Marie Antoinette sent letters out to keep the wooden chest with her jewels safe. Later, she was brought to the street in front of all revolutionists to get her head chopped off by a guillotine in 1793. After that, jewels were delivered to the queen’s only surviving daughter Marie Therese on her visit to Austria.

An Art deco Ruby and diamond bangle owned historically by the Duchess of Windsor was given to her by her husband who gave up the throne to marry her. The estimated price before the auction is $1.10 million- $2.19 million.

Duchess's collection of jewelry was the first auction by Geneva Lake in 1987 where things went sour and bids exceeded pre-sale estimates.