Facebook On a Quest to Open a Local Office in Pakistan

Facebook On a Quest to Open a Local Office in Pakistan

Facebook, a famous social network giant by Meta, is on a pursuit to open a local office in Pakistan. Yes, you read it right! The representatives from Facebook are engaged in talks with the director of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Humayun Bashir.

Under the PTI regime, the Science and Technology Ministry constantly urged giant tech companies to open offices in Pakistan due to the new cyber security rules. The opening of foreign offices is crucial as they will be able to follow the local laws.

The meeting between the Facebook representative and FIA officer lasted for 3.5 hours, where they discussed several different aspects of opening a local office in Pakistan.

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Bashir urged that bringing a local office to Pakistan is imperative for the country like other South Asian countries, i.e., Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. The primary concern for Pakistan was facebook's reluctance to share data related to hate speech. Various social media platforms, including Facebook, are held responsible for igniting hate against the country's institutions. Michael, the official from Facebook, assured that the company would share the data regarding the spread of terrorism and child pornography with the Government of Pakistan.

Michael further confirmed that Facebook would share detailed and extensive information once an office has been set up. To further discuss opening an office in Pakistan, Facebook will hold another meeting in July. 

Opening a local office in Pakistan will encourage other tech giants, which will help mitigate the issue of unemployment.