Facebook´s Workplace Tool Grows Owing To Coronavirus Pandemic

Facebook´s Workplace Tool Grows Owing To Coronavirus Pandemic

Facebook’s ‘Workplace’, business software to connect everyone in an organization has grown by about 40 percent in a year to reach seven million paying subscribers, as the Coronavirus pandemic increased the remote work trend, the company said Tuesday.

However, the tool, which can be used by the companies as an internal social network to communicate with employees, still trails behind top competitors like ‘Teams’ which according to Microsoft, has now some 145 million daily active users.

According to Facebook, it has surpassed few big users like the Starbucks coffee chain and the World Health Organization (WHO).

"We have made Workplace as an internal version of Facebook for use within our own company, and we found it so useful that we started letting other organizations use it too," stated Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg in a post.

According to him, about a year ago the number of paid subscribers has grown by 40 percent.

As the Coronavirus pandemic resulted in office closure due to health risks, companies were left with no choice except to be shifted to online jobs when possible.

Usage of video and collaboration platforms hosted by companies including Zoom, Slack, Microsoft, and Google rocketed drastically increased.

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As some firms have started returning to office life, it is expected that "hybrid" work models that consist of remote and on-site work will become a norm at businesses.