Another Minor Yasmeen Beaten By The Landlord In Faisalabad

Another Minor Yasmeen Beaten By The Landlord In Faisalabad

A 13-year-old girl was treated harshly by a landlord when a crockery item was accidentally broken by her on Sunday.

A girl, Yasmeen, was recovered by the police and was found as a missing child. When the police asked about her address and location, the poor girl described all the turbulence she had gone through at the house of a former Nazim in People’s Colony No.2 in Faisalabad.

The girl was beaten as a result of breakage of a crockery item and when the girl underwent an initial medical examination, it was found that she had severe marks on her head, face and legs as a result of the torture, narrated by the police.

The victim was moved to Batala Colony police station, where the police further investigated and discovered that she was mistreated by a wooden rod.

The further procession would be carried out against the wife of former union council’s Nazim Usman, named Aasma.

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The custody of Yasmeen would be taken by the child protection unit of the Punjab Government and more investigation would be performed against the accountable persons behind this cruel act.