How To Protect From Second Wave Of COVID-19

How To Protect From Second Wave Of COVID-19

Well, it seems as though COVID-19 is here to stay with us for a long time. We've previously been through a lot together through the spring and summer, but now we must stay alert to protect our family and ourselves from this pandemic.

According to the CBC, the coronavirus tracker puts the total count of confirmed cases in Pakistan at over319,848 till now. There has been a long debate and experiments going on the development of vaccines, but widespread access is impossible until the end of next year. In the meantime, you have to protect your loved ones and yourself by following all the precautionary guidelines provided by WHO and other health-related authorities related to COVID-19.

Protecting your surroundings and disinfected them is one of the best defense in this episode of the Covid-19 situation. You have to wash your hands on an hourly basis and the suggested scrub time is a minimum time 20 seconds. It is impossible to list all of the cases in which you should require a hand wash, it will protect you from this second wave of the pandemic. So whenever you are in doubt, just run and wash your hands! If water is not available go grab some alcohol-based hand sanitizer, must containing 60 percent of alcohol.

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To protect yourself from COVID-19 these masks play an important role. Whether you're outside in public or any other gathering, you must have to wear your mask. Most public places now have rules written clearly to follow. Physical and social distancing is a must if you want to stop the virus's spread.