How to Protect Yourself From Getting Flu & Cold

How to Protect Yourself From Getting Flu & Cold

It looks like summer is going and winter is just about to arrive. The weather is about to change dramatically. Fall has positively arrived and winter is knocking at the door - before you know it. Whenever the weather starts changing most of the people get caught by different types of allergies. Some weather changes can be felt by almost everyone. In this weather change there are number of health issues like dry skin, scratchy & aching throat, sneezing, stale nose coming on and so on. The cooler air can mostly affect our immune systems and bring about increased exposure to flu and colds.

Following are some useful ways to protect you from getting sick in the time of the transition to cold weather

1.Wash your hands
You hear this most of the time because it’s really very important. Your hands are prone to an overabundance of germs of the multiple surfaces you contact with during your whole day you should keep them clean all the time.

2. Gargle with Water
It is proven by the research that people who gargled with plain water are less likely to deal with an upper respiratory sickness than those who do not gargle.  Strange but true and very easy way to wash out the bacteria that might be prolonged in your mouth and throat.  

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3. Get a Flu Vaccine
Another way for protecting yourself from getting sick is just to go and get vaccinated for the flu. It will definitely lessen your chance of getting the flu during weather transition. The flu is mostly spread via contact with someone who is already ill.  That is why most of us who are immunized, the less probability there will be for us to spread the virus to others.