International Women's Day- 2022

International Women's Day- 2022

8th March, the day we celebrate women, solely; although they’re the beings that deserve extreme appreciation every single day for the effort, they put in to make everything work out. This day marks a call to a world where equality prevails over biases, prejudices, complexes, and also the month where several marches advocating the rights of women are also witnessed.

Speaking of the roots of Women’s Day, the first day of the calendar dedicated to women, within the territorial boundaries, took place on the 28th of February in the USA, in 1909. This was done, as a result of the protests carried out by women facing excessively difficult situations at work. This was then followed by a similar situation, in Russia, on the 8th of March after which the rights of suffrage were finally granted to women.

Moreover, after the declaration of men and women being equal by the Charter of United Nations in 1945, came 1975; the first international year of women after which the 8th march was the day when women’s day began being celebrated globally.

The importance this day holds for women, globally, can not be put into words. This is because looking back, we do see that women have been put down in exceedingly violent and vilifying ways. They’ve been subject to all forms of torture: physical and mental, being the primary two with absolutely no accountability, and this day pays tribute as well as recognition to the struggles of women, then and now. Despite all of this, women fought for their rights, and the right to simply be treated the same as men which means equal opportunities and the right to make decisions for themselves, not superiority in any regard, which in itself is a fundamental right.

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Women should be celebrated for the major contributions they make to society- be it in the form of a full-time mom, a homemaker, women working in the office, at homes as maids, as teachers, doctors, lawyers, and whatnot. Most importantly, having the ability to be doing so much at the same time deserves immense respect.