Is Neha Kakkar going To Marry?

Is Neha Kakkar going To Marry?

Neha Kakkar is once again in the news for her avatar which lets her fans wondering if she is going to marry the singer.

As in my early post, I disclosed the news of Neha Kakkar once again fall in love with singer Rohanpreet Singh. There are a lot of gossips about the relationship between Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh but none of them denied or confirmed their relationship news. However, by reference to her Instagram account and the picture shared by her with Singh, Kakkar confirmed she was undoubtedly in love with Rohanpreet Singh.

Yesterday, she has taken to her Instagram account again and this time posted a picture in Indian dress that gives her fans a glimpse of her Indian avatar. She also shared her favorite line from the song Diamond Da Challa “Aaja Chal Vyah Karwaiye LockDown Wich Katt Hone Kharche”, the hashtag of her post was #NehuDaVyah and #Diamond Da Challa respectively. Follower of Neha Kakkar wondered if she was going to tie in the knot of marriage.

Neha Kakkar

In an interview, Neha had spoken about being No #1 and said, “I appreciate that I am #1 that is the only reason people talk about me and get jealous." She is not much concerned about negative comments and being criticized by the people. Furthermore, she spoke "Being a human I also feel bad about negative comments and thoughts, but after feeling bad I improve myself more and more. I feel these people who are writing negative comments and use abusive language for me are nothing but jealous people. They feel, 'why she is here?' they will write about the singer who is in number one position.

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