“Mera Sabaq” App introduced by Pakistani Youngster brings innovation in digital learning.

“Mera Sabaq” App introduced by Pakistani Youngster brings innovation in digital learning.

Digital Learning App “Mera Sabaq” is introduced by Pakistani youngster Hassan Bin Rizwan and Adnan Asdar. They both are the Co-founder of the “Mera Sabaq App.”
They believe that literacy can be increased on a sustainable basis by improving the primary education system in Pakistan. 

SABAQ has grown from a small startup to an enterprise, creating educational and entertaining digital resources under its umbrella. SABAQ is an EdTech organization that uses technology in education to provide children in Pakistan access to high-quality educational content.

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Mera Sabaq is an award-winning app for “Best Digital Innovation learning App” for Kids in 2017. According to Hassan, most of the children drop out of their schools at the primary level due to boring curriculum and traditional teaching methods.

In Mera Sabaq App, students can enhance their concepts by using different digital learning methods such as specially designed 2D,3D animated videos, quizzes, games, and exercises. 

The aim of developing this App is to increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes through high-quality digital content that is fun to learn and easily accessible.

According to a press release, over 2000 schools across the country, including Karachi, have synchronized primary schooling to innovation through e-learning and over 300,000 children have benefited through it.

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) also provided financial assistance to it after recognizing the effectiveness of the Mera Sabaq App. The assistance was provided under USAID’s five-year program.