Mystery Illness Shakes India

Mystery Illness Shakes India

In southern Indian town, many people are being diagnosed with a mystery illness. The doctors have ruled out mass hysteria.

Indian people are already troubled with rising cases of coronavirus and in this situation the new mystery illness has fried their nerves.

The illness first was noticed on Saturday, where patients were seeing symptoms like seizures, nausea, and chronic pain.

Government sent medical help to Eluru area of Andhra Pradesh in emergency to investigate the mystery illness.

According to official reports, previously about 500 people have been treated for this illness and have recovered from it noticeably swift. However a 45 year old man died from this illness on the weekend

India is already at number 2 position in World for highest coronavirus cases and will pass 10 million benchmark soon.

Doctors are saying that opposed to the popular claim this is not mass hysteria. They say the symptoms in patients are genuine and we can’t diagnose the cause of the mystery disease.

There is a possible role of chemical additives in pesticides which was highlighted by the medical team.

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It is also being associated with the feral pigs and unsanitary conditions by some.