NUST Students Outshines in Drone-manufacturing Competiton

NUST Students Outshines in Drone-manufacturing Competiton

Drones have been playing a major role now in the world for commercial and humanitarian activities and this technology is used by large businesses worldwide.

In this respect, a competition ‘Unmanned Aircraft Systems Challenge 2021’ was carried out between teams from all over the world.

A team that comprised of students from the National University of Sciences and Technology named ‘NUST Airworks’, was part of the competition and stood runners-up in the tournament.

Team members included Shahmeer Khan, Natasha Fatima, Bilal Nadeem, and Uzair Bhatti were invited to the SAMAA TV morning show Naya Din on Wednesday. They briefed about their creations and the competition itself.

According to Natasha, the goal of the competition was to create the skill of drone-making among the students. For its preparation, it took them days and nights, she added.

As stated by Shahmeer, the unique feature was the union between the wings and fuselage, to give more speed, and increases and decrease lift and air drag.

Bilal updated regarding the evolution of their constructed drones and elaborated their designs and wing changes in past years.

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According to Uzair, this technology facilitates different activities like providing humanitarian and health support in disaster-hit areas as well as fertilizing agricultural lands.