Pakistan Fruits & Vegetables Generate $730m For The Country

Pakistan Fruits & Vegetables Generate $730m For The Country

Pakistan's exports of fruits and vegetables have seen an increment of 12.5%. during the year 2019-2020. This increment is worth $730 million in foreign exchange.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reveals that the export of fruits had an increment of 3.8% and vegetable exports increased to 28% during the current fiscal year.

Fruit exports generated $431.27 million while the export of vegetables generated $300 million for Pakistan.

“Local traders turned the challenges into opportunity at a time when it was almost impossible to ensure timely delivery of export shipments to importing countries due to lockdowns,” said Waheed Ahmed, Patron-in-Chief of All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association (PFVA) Patron-in-Chief Waheed Ahmed.

“Markets of Iran and Afghanistan were given special attention and the government promptly resolved all the issues faced by the businessmen in exporting fruits and vegetables to the bordering nations resulting in a spike in exports,” he said.

He further acknowledged the efforts made by the government in the whole process. Since the air routes were not in operation, the exports were delivered to other countries via sea routes.

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He highlighted the export delivery disturbance when the virus outbreak. many fruits and vegetables like kinnow, potato was not delivered resulting in damage to many related businesses.

“During the peak of the global outbreak, Pakistan exported high-quality mangoes to many countries around the world,” he highlighted.

He further said that further improvements can e made through investment in research and development implementation according to the contemporary trends