Pakistani Airlines Might Get Banned In 188 Countries

Pakistani Airlines Might Get Banned In 188 Countries

Local Pakistani airlines are on the verge of getting banned by 188 countries for negligence and failure in following the required Standards of Pilots Licensing which are recommended by ICAO, a UN specialized agency.

179th session of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is currently taking place, in its 12th meeting rose concerns over safety and thus modulated a method to resolve these significant Safety Concerns (SSCs) for its members.  

In the meeting eight countries were brought up as non-compliant to the SSCs, Pakistan was also included in this.

The international body also gave a warning to Pakistan for failure in addressing raised dire safety issues.

Pakistan civil aviation authority received a letter from ICAO last week which mentioned its non-compliance regarding licensing of the pilots, and that the officials issuing these licensing are not professionally trained and warned that Pakistan’s airlines could be as a result banned in 188 countries.

According to experts, this is a very serious issue yet resolvable if the government takes notice of it and addresses it as an urgent matter.

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After the pilot licensing scan revealed by Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Federal Minister for Aviation, PIA was already facing a six-month ban by many countries including European states, UK, and the USA.