Sindh Rangers Launching a Public Safety App

Sindh Rangers Launching a Public Safety App

Sindh Rangers have launched a new mobile application named SOS Alert for the safety of citizens of Karachi. This application will alert the Rangers of any emergency in Karachi.

The SOS Alert was announced on Sunday by Pakistan Sindh Rangers as a project in the interest of public safety.

The creation of the application aims to create a sense of security in the citizens of Karachi city under the current circumstances where the crime rate is increasing and the people of Karachi live in terror.

As per the statement released by the Pakistan Sindh Rangers, the SOS Alert is going to be made available for hospitals, banks, educational institutes, business communities, and civilian sectors, wrote ProPakistani.

Common people i.e. general public would not have access to the mobile app, as the population is too high to manage in this way.

Those registered on the app will be able to alert the Sindh Rangers in case of any emergency. After receiving the alert, the nearest petrol will be sent to the emergency location through the control room.

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This is a great initiative of the rangers to fight crime and respond timely in the city.