Six Pakistanis Stuck In Red Sea, Rescued

Six Pakistanis Stuck In Red Sea, Rescued

The six Pakistanis stranded in the Red Sea have been saved and attempts are ongoing to bring them back to their homes soon, according to the news on Thursday.

“Thank God, they have been saved and they will be along with their families soon,” social worker Ansar Burney stated. “We are not attempting to save the life of only six people but in actual we are doing the effort for the lives of six families”.

PPP MNA Naz Baloch also raised the matter of “Mehr” tugboat’s squad in Parliament on Thursday. “The minister for Maritime Affairs, Ali Zaidi updated about the safety of the crew and told it was in Egypt,” Baloch stated.

The Pakistanis who were stuck and are the crew of the boat, have been identified as boat captain Ali Muhammad, Muhammad Shafi, Salamuddin, Muhammad Ismail, Abdul Ghani, and DilDar Ahmed Khan.

Son of one of the mariners, a thankful Asadullah Khan said, “We were weak, but my father will join us soon because of the efforts of Burney Sahib”. Dildar Ahmed Khan stated, “I am extremely excited.”

However, the condition of three out of six seafarers is reportedly critical after they consumed seawater and remained in sea exposure for long, without proper food and medication.

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The tugboat started its journey from Oman to Egypt in mid-February but lost its engines 150NMs from Jeddah in the Red Sea. By March 27th, it had floated nearer to Egypt from where it got rescued by a Pakistani vessel. According to the sources, they are expected to return to Pakistan by the end of this week.