Three Killed, 21 Wounded in Lahore's Johar Town Blast

Three Killed, 21 Wounded in Lahore's Johar Town Blast

At least three people lost their lives, whereas 21 others sustained injuries as an explosion occurred in Lahore's Johar Town area, which as per the belief of the provincial police chief, targeted the police, reported Wednesday.

Rescue, bomb disposal teams and police reached the incident’s site shortly after the blast.

According to the witnesses, the explosion shattered the windows of nearby houses and buildings. Additionally, a building was severely damaged due to the intensity of the blast. Many cars parked near the buildings were also damaged. 

The injured, which are 21 till now, were shifted to Lahore's Jinnah Hospital through private cars and auto-rickshaws. While three persons succumbed to their injuries during the treatment, as per the medical superintendent of the hospital. 

The Jinnah Hospital management has appealed to people to help the wounded by donating blood, stating that the injured are being treated at the hospital. 

The injured also included a police officer, a woman, and two children and are in critical condition because of the burns caused by the blast. 

The intensity of the blast was so much that it was heard even in faraway areas. But still, the nature of the blast has not been determined. 

As per an eyewitness, an unidentified person parked a motorcycle close to a nearby house, which later exploded.

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Police have sealed off the area due to further investigation whereas traffic has been redirected.