Travel The World Via New Ferry Services In Pakistan

Travel The World Via New Ferry Services In Pakistan

Ali Zaidi, Federal Minister for Maritime, announced via his Twitter account that the Federal Government has agreed to start a Ferry service that will allow many to travel globally.

Shibli Faraz, Minister of Information and Broadcasting also revealed that the federal cabinet has approved the decision. For now, three ports will be used that are — Karachi, Gwadar, and Bin Qasim

The pilgrims arriving at these locations will be able to avail of the immigration services.

Federal Minister last year hinted that the new ferry services for the pilgrims traveling for Umrah and Hajj.

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 “Ferry and passenger ship services require a NOC from the Ministry of Defence as we have applied once again for the service and included Jeddah, Basra, Oman for the destination to make it feasible,” said Ali Zaidi, Minister for Maritime Affairs.