3.7 Crores Babies Are Expected To Born On January 1, 2021

3.7 Crores Babies Are Expected To Born On January 1, 2021

With the reference of a report of UNICEF, on January 1, it is expected over 60,000 babies are to be born in India. However, globally its estimated 3.7 crores baby to be born today. The UNICEF revealed the statistics from registration and nationally representative household survey to estimate the monthly and daily figures of births in different countries. 

Furthermore, UNICEF also adopted the annual live births numbers and pregnancy ratio from the latest amendment of the UN’s World Population Prospects (2019) to estimate the babies born on January 01, 2021. 

According to UNICEF, India is leading with 60,000 babies, China is running up at 35,615 expected newborn babies. Nigeria is at third position 21,439, and Pakistan is at 4th place in this race with 14,161 expected babies on 1st January 2021. Here are some other countries which are expected to have a higher number of births today like Indonesia 12,336, Ethiopia 12,006, the United States 10,312, Egypt 9,455, Bangladesh 9,236 and Congo 8,640. 

Doctors have recognized the challenges that Pakistan has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, expecting and speaking about the possible impact of the pandemic is crucial if we are to anticipate a rollback of earnings made in saving the lives of children. The coronavirus pandemic has taught us the need for systems and policies to be in place to protect people all the time, not just in the event of a disaster. 

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The UNICEF also declared that around 140 million children will be born in the year 2021. UNICEF stated that the babies born on 1st January enter a world which is considerably different than even a year ago, and a New Year brings a new opportunity to reimagine it.