A Pakistani Refuge Seeker Became Switzerland's Top Chef

A Pakistani Refuge Seeker Became Switzerland's Top Chef

During my visit to Liechtenstein from Switzerland, I had to stop at the border coincidentally between Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria, where the borders of the three countries merge. I saw a sophisticated Swiss restaurant owned by Saif Khan, a top Swiss Chef, who got a degree from the prestigious ‘Swiss Magro Chur Club School’ in Switzerland.

Saif originally from Mandi Bahauddin, was a Pakistani political activist and to protect his life, sought refuge in Switzerland. However, he refused to be a refugee who people considered as ‘misfortunate’. So, he decided to become part of Swiss society. To achieve that, he mastered the German language and graduated from a reputable Swiss institution. Unlike several other migrants who choose typical professions, he studied to become a chef.

"At the Political Asylum Centre, my doctor became a good friend of mine. He proved to be a great help and we are still friends," stated Saif. "After graduation, I aimed to begin a business of my own, so I sought a loan from the Swiss Bank and was successfully approved of over one million Swiss Frank credit (one million euros)."

He revealed that a 10-member Swiss staff is currently working at his restaurant, and he is the executive chef there.

"I am the executive chef. Being one of the richest places in the world, it is full of rich tourists, so the business is running successfully," he elaborated. 

Telling about the menu he offers at his restaurant, Saif stated that mainly it comprises of Swiss cuisine, contains a few Pakistani dishes as well.

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"At present, we only offer two Pakistani dishes at the restaurant according to the local tastebuds they had to be slightly modified, with fewer spices," he said.