Afghan Emigrants calling New Jersey their Home. But Is US Ready?

Afghan Emigrants calling New Jersey their Home. But Is US Ready?

After the Taliban takeover, many Afghani citizens fled to many countries including the US for refuge. They mostly reside in New Jersey and neighboring areas where they have been provided with food and shelter by the US government and citizens. Defense secretary Lloyd Austin promises to provide citizenship to Afghan emigrants in the US along with all safety and rights.

But is it even feasible?

The US is known for welcoming people from different cultural backgrounds to settle here. Some even get citizenship. But the truth is that this idea is trembling on its foundations as so many emigrants were kicked out during Trump's era. Also, the US is still not free of black and white race issues which are proven by George Floyd's death following so many others. 

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Where do Afghans stand?

While the US is still in the middle of racial chaos, the people of Afghanistan are another liability for the land of freedom. Coming from a different cultural background after losing their homeland due to the war started by the US itself, these people are seeking refuge in the mouth of the beast. It is a worrisome situation for emigrant Afghan families as they can be sent back to their homeland anytime if the host country cannot or does not want to keep them. The reasons for conflicts are many, the reason for acceptance is only one. The humanity.

So what would be the next policy for fleeing Afghan citizens? Or would they face the same fate as many others before they have faced in the US?