The AC Issues Arrest Warrant For NAB Witness In Paragon Scandal Case

The AC Issues Arrest Warrant For NAB Witness In Paragon Scandal Case

The accountability court issues an arrest warrant to a NAB witness over the absence from the court hearing in the paragon housing society scam case against the Khawaja brothers on Tuesday.

An accountability court in Lahore carried the hearing for the paragon housing society scandal corruption case against the Khawaja siblings.

Khawaja Saad Rafique and Khawaja Salman Rafique presented themselves before the court while the witness from the NAB side was absent.

The judge asked the NAB prosecutor about the witness Aqsa and he told the court that she was unable to come to the hearing as she is busy in Islamabad accounted to the wedding ceremony of a close relative.

The judge was unsatisfied with the explanation and give the prosecutor time to produce their witness before the court. The court was adjourned for a while, and the proceedings resume after some time.

Even after the resumption the NAB prosecutor failed to bring the witness to the court and told the reason for absence has been ascertained before.

The judge found the reason non-satisfactory and remarked that the witness is not taking the court seriously and is the only hurdle for the case to move forward.

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The court then issued the arrest warrant for a NAB witness named Aqsa and deferred the case till December 18, 2020.