Denmark, Now Home To The World's Tallest Sandcastle

Denmark, Now Home To The World's Tallest Sandcastle

The world’s tallest sandcastle has been completed in the small seaside town of Blokhus in Denmark. It weighs almost 5,000 tonnes and is more than 20 metres high, its designers stated on Wednesday. 

Towering 21.16 metres high (69.4 feet), it is over three metres taller than a castle built in Germany in 2019, which previously was the tallest with its 17.66 metres, as per Guinness World Records. 

A total of 4,860 tonnes of sand is used to build the complicatedly decorated structure which is remindful of a pyramid.

Its maker, Dutchman Wilfred Stijger, assisted by 30 world’s best sand sculptors, aimed the castle to represent the power of the novel coronavirus over the world since the pandemic’s beginning.

The top of the sandcastle depicts a model of the virus wearing a crown.

“Everywhere, it’s ruling our lives,” Stijger stated.

“It tells you what you should do. To stay away from your family and not visit nice places. Don’t do activities and stay home,” he elaborated.

To make it firmer, the sand comprises about 10 per cent clay and a layer of glue was applied after when it was finished to make it stand up in the windy and chilly conditions of the autumn and winter.

The residents of Blokhus have also appreciated the local features incorporated into the sandcastle, such as beach houses, windsurfing and kite-surfing, and fish and lighthouses.

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The castle is likely to stand till the arrival of the heavy frost, meaning it should last until February or March.