Surveys Put PTI Ahead of PPP and PML-N for Gilgit Baltistan Election

Surveys Put PTI Ahead of PPP and PML-N for Gilgit Baltistan Election

The surveys from Gallup Pakistan and the pulse consultant indicate a close contest between PPP and PTI in the upcoming Gilgit Baltistan elections.

The two surveys declare PM Imran Khan as the most popular leader in Gilgit Baltistan while Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, PPP leader, has been successful in securing the second-place surpassing PML-N Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

To be more specific about the statistics, the Gallup survey reports that 27% of the respondents were willing to vote for PTI while 24% wants to vote for PPP and 14% said that they would support PML-N. When asked who they would vote for in November 15 elections.

The Gallup survey shows a mere 3% difference between PTI and PPP indicating the election battle to be a tight contest.

Whereas, Pulse Consultant results are giving a hefty majority to PTI while reporting the results of their respondents. According to Pulse 35% are siding PTI, 26% willing to vote for PPP while 14% showed support for PML-N.

The other questions in the surveys were about transparency and the most famous leader.

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The results show Imran khan as the most famous leader, reportedly, 42% of Gallup’s respondents choose him as their leader. While 17% choose Bilawal and 3% selected Maryam Nawaz as the best leader.

51% of people are uncertain about the transparency of election, 29% expect it to be transparent while 20% believe that election will not be transparent, as reported in Pulse’s survey.