Are you an Introvert? Here are 5 ways for maintaining a Healthy Social Life.

Are you an Introvert? Here are 5 ways for maintaining a Healthy Social Life.

Going out with a group of friends might be fun for a few, but introverts look for every other reason to escape the situation. Because of their "peaceful is alone" motto for relaxing themselves, they might appear detached, quiet, or even self-absorbed to some people. If you have ever faced such comments from others around you then this article is for you. Here are few ways you can socialize that would help you make great social connections while staying yourself, an interesting introvert.

1. Realize that big circle does NOT mean a healthy circle

You might feel like you don't have any real friends or people who love to hang out with you because you don't open up. The fact is that you do not have to open up if you don't want to. Being an introvert myself, I used to feel like not belonging to the place and desperately looking for an escape. You might feel the same for reason that others don't talk to you the way they talk to each other. 

It might make you feel left out but making peace with this fact would have greater rewards in the long run. The fact is that introverts root for genuine connections to spend their time with. This is why their circle must be small and peaceful. While extroverts are pro at making small talk and having a good time with people without thinking of them as friends, introverts feel like talking only they see that conversation can lead to something meaningful. So no need to compare your social skills with hardcore extroverts.

2. Befriend fellow introverts

They would understand your impulses because they have similar ones. Other keeping to themselves ninjas would not only be happy to provide you space when you need it, but they would also be open to help you with the hurdles you face in your social life that others would only laugh at. They can relate to your situation and you can figure it out with them for common good. 

Also, mostly introverts have similar interests like reading books, drawing, painting, or writing. You can do these activities together. This would calm your socially anxious nerves and you would feel at home with the people who share your hobbies.

3. Prepare for the unavoidable social situation

Sounding like an idiot in front of a crowd or a group is an introvert's biggest fear. People can easily see us getting nervous and running short of words but preparing yourself for such situations can help a lot. Suppose you have a presentation at a university or office or you are giving a speech where some people are staring at you. Now, what to do? Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself in the eyes while you start to talk. Note down all the errors in your performance regarding verbal confusions, nervous body language, or sudden need to cry and run. Keep practicing until you feel comfortable and prepared.

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4. Challenge yourself to get out of the box

Just because you have always been an introvert doe not mean you must stay this way. If your personal needs demand you to be more talkative then there is nothing wrong with pushing yourself a bit. This might be very hard at the start and you would feel like your defensive mode coming into action, but don't worry you would catch on. The most effective way of challenging your nerves is by understanding how more talkative and life of the party people process their thoughts. The upside of doing this is that once you will open yourself up with a deeper thought structure and interesting views about the world, you'll be admired by others. So many great leaders were introverts yet masters of influential talk. So don't avoid every other situation because some of them have the potential for you to grow.

5. Never skip relaxation rituals

After attending that event with hundreds of guests and talking to so many of them, it's time to go home and relax. Extroverts might take friends home or go to another busy place, but as an introvert, too much social interaction would easily drain you. You need to recharge yourself before meeting another group of people so make sure that you spare some quality time to recharge yourself. Take a walk in nature, listen to music, take a bath, meditate, or simply go to sleep but get rid of all the overwhelm from social gatherings and prepare yourself for the next one. If you are drained but there is still so much to do, then simply take five to ten minutes out for relaxation just to get you in the right mental state.

Being an introvert does not mean that you are restricted to few people and things in life. You can expand your views for many possibilities and great relationships because life always has so much to offer.