How To Write An Impressive Resume?

How To Write An Impressive Resume?
Resume a 1-2-page document is the most important document in a job hunt. A well-written resume is critical as it portrays who you are to the employer. This is the first impression; it needs to be good. The job hunt is a job itself while a good resume is half the job done. Thus, here are some tips to write an impressive resume.
Simple and clean: keep it as simple and clear as possible. The more ease you provide to the recruiter more are your chances to clear screening.
Layout: an impressive and neat layout is very important. Make sure to have an equal margin on asides. Choose the font size carefully. Preferably the one most readable. Garamond is the most readable as far as Microsoft word is concerned. Use the bold option carefully.
Bullets: using bullets to list experience, awards, or education history is a clever option but do not overdo it. Bullets make it easy to catch important things when skimming through several resumes.
Vocabulary and grammar: use correct grammar and contextual vocabulary. It can’t get any wrong then using wrong grammar. Microsoft word guides your grammar so check the grammar correction option before writing your resume.
Academic record: write the most recent one. Specifically, highlight the qualification that makes you the best choice for the employer
Contact information: provide your recent and updated contact information and mailing address.

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Professional E-mail: Use a professional email address. Fake or dummy named like cute girls or lion by heart names leaves a bad impression showing the non-seriousness of the candidate.
Specific: making a resume specific does not mean writing a new resume for every job. Rather before writing the resume go through the job descriptions of your interest. By doing that you will know the keywords that are being used representing the requirements of employers. Then use those words in your resume.
Concise: last but not least keep your resume limited to 1 page. It is not a compulsion but recommended. As recruiters have thousands of resumes that they need to review and over details are not appreciated.