PM Imran Khan Welcomes Amazon Operations In Pakistan

PM Imran Khan Welcomes Amazon Operations In Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomed Amazon’s decision to make Pakistan part of its sellers' list, stating that the great progress would facilitate the country’s young entrepreneurs to join the export market.

“A great achievement as Amazon has finally permitted our sellers to export their goods through its system,” tweeted the prime minister on Thursday.

The PM said the recent development will help in creating opportunities for our youngsters to surge the exports for Pakistan.

A day earlier, PM’s Advisor on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razzak Dawood disclosed that Pakistan would be added to Amazon sellers' list. "We have finally done it. We have been trying since last year and now it’s happening," he stated on his official Twitter account.

"It is a great chance for our youth, both small and medium enterprises as well as women entrepreneurs."

According to the advisor, it is a joint effort of many people across the globe as we have achieved an important milestone of the e-Commerce policy.

Earlier, it was finalized that Pakistan would be listed as ‘approved countries’ of Amazon by the end of April 2021, but it was late by few days.

The ministry of commerce and Pakistan Consulate General Los Angeles were trying to announce this good news to the whole nation before Eid-ul-Fitr, as per the informed sources.

In the meantime, Economic Counsellor, Pakistan’s Permanent Mission to the WTO and Additional Secretary Ministry of Commerce Aisha Moriani said that this approval would facilitate the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), small investors as well as individual freelancers.

According to her, the new era of e-commerce for Pakistan is about to start.

Aisha Moriani is one of those who were actively involved in the process of getting approval for Pakistan to be part of the Amazon sellers list.

However, she recommended the people involved in the e-commerce industry to keep the international standard of their products else they could lose their accounts permanently.

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As stated by her, the women skilled workers and domestic manufactures would also have a chance to sell their products internationally without leaving their homes.